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XAPK introduction of ECRCN
Date: 2019-04-22   Hit: 1680
The XAPK latest version is V104
The corresponding mobile order  XMB-V103
Main features:
* Retail/Food work mode selectable
* Support  programming data of group/plu/dept/clerk/vat/tax.. 
* Customer function. support topup and withdraw
* Vip function, support accp and level
* Report function,support various useful report. 
* Support scale(RS232) for weighting application
* Support scanner(USB)  for customer or PLU
* Support Kitchen printer(RS232/USB/ETHERNET). max 8 network printer
*Support desktop printer(EPSON/HP/BROTHER....) for Invoice print. such as A4 size
* Server/client mode. Summary of each client report to the server.
* Picture PLU
* User define touch keyboard,flexible and support picture
* Http server,owner can browse reports by PC or mobile 
* Email function, can send program or report
* backup and restore function. auto backup function.
* program data can be import and export by XLS to PC