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PLG-58V10019BG01(printer drive board+ display drive board)

Thermal 58mm printer head and LCM128X64 LCM driving board.
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Date: 2016-02-16
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   Printer drive board + display drive board
   ESC/POS compatible. support graphic command.
   The board can be drive by host via one UART port. the board works as one mini thermal printer plus one dot matrix LCM display. low cost and easy controlled. 
  The user no need any technical about thermal printer driving and dot matrix LCM display driving.
   Input DC12-24V. UART TTL level signal(TXD, RXD, GND 3 singals)
   Support  FTP628 compatible thermal printer (also support JX-3R-01 80mm printer with diff. firmware )
   this device can auto send printer status in case of printer error by interval 2S.
   2. LCM
   Support LCM128X64
   3. QR-code  support: either printer or display OK


High speed with host. 1,500,000BPS

 ESC/POS compatible.


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