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Cash drawer



Standard duty,reliable cash drawer. best Q/P rate
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Date: 2016-02-16
Hit: 2373


A standard cash drawer,widely used in PC POS. best Q/P rate. specifications almost same as CD-C4141
Dimensions 410x415x100(mm,without feet)  
Drawer Mental cash drawer with heavy-duty ball bearing rollers
Cashing Steel
Front panel Steel with painted front
Money case 5B8C or 4B8C
Bill tray Mental bill clips
Coin tray Removable from money case
Media slot Front access for bill or other paper (double or single)
Lockable LID Lockable Lid for cashier to change trays(option)
Lock 3 position(10 group)
Emergent release On the chassis of drawer
Switch sensor Option
Interface 9V/12V/24V RJ11or RJ12,9PIN RS232, USB (option)
Durability 1,000,000
Color Black
packaging 465x460x150(mm)
Gross weight 7.3kg (NW 6.5kg)