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General purpose ECR



Economy cash register, 50keys, 6000PLUs,128*64LCM display,widely used in various store,bar, fast food, restaurant,etc.
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Date: 2011-09-21
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Connect to PC(Win10,win8,win7) no need install USB driver now.
Making sophisticated systems simple. 
High performance and more importantly low price for all your bussiness need.

1. LCD operator display, with 5rows X 20cols display capability.
2. Flexible keyboard up to 50Keys.
3. High -speed thermal printer.
4. One graphic store logo, and up to 10 hallo logos can be printed on receipt.
5. External devices support: Kitchen printer, scale, and customer display.
6. Automatic recognize 4 kinds of in-store barcode.(price label or weight label).
7. Electronic journal.
8. Customer management support(VIP member function).
9. PLU name can catch up to 20 characters.
10. PLU sale amount, quantity top25 report.
11. PLU profit analysis report.,PLU safe stock report.
12. Histogram daily and PTD report.
13. The power supply can various from AC85 to AC265.
14. USB interface, PS/2 interface.

Model A5
Overview L/W/H(mm) 360*330*195
Package(mm) 465*420*270
Net weight(KG) 4.5
Power(W) 30
Voltage input AC85V-265V
Temperature 0-60degree
Hardware Printer Thermal printer
Clerk display 128*64 LCD
Rear display 8digits LED
Keyboard 50keys
Interface 2-RS232/ 1USB/1 PS2
External device Barcode reader/slip printer/scale/PC
Cash drawer 330*360*90 CD
Software TAX/VAT 3 TAX or 6 VAT
Departments 40
PLUs 6000
Payment 9 kinds
Memory billing Max.100
security Mode key Soft
clerks 9
supervisor Clerk limitation controlled by supervisor
Customer Customer no. 2048
functions Acc.point, VIP price print
Tools PC software Free PC software